How to clean makeup brushes deeply

Released on Sep. 08, 2017

Even daily surface cleaning won't save your makeup brushes from a deep cleanse. Brushes are made up of hundreds of tiny, individual hairs, and product coats the hair shaft. Clean the bristles at least once every two weeks to keep them free of bacteria.

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First, rinse the brush hair under lukewarm water. Wash the bristles only, keeping the handle and ferrule dry to prolong the life of your brush. If the ferrule (the metal part) becomes wet, the glue may loosen and lead to shedding and the wooden handle may become swollen and crack.

Add a drop of baby shampoo to your palm, and swirl the brush in it to coat each hair. You can use any gentle cleanser or shampoo.

Next, rinse the soapy brush in the water and watch all of the product that’s released. Depending on how dirty your brush is, you may need to repeat. Be careful to never submerge the brush in water.

Once it’s completely clean, reshape the brush head and lay it flat on a towel to dry overnight. The denser the brush, the longer it takes to dry. It’s important to allow your brush to dry flat because you don't want water to enter the ferrule.

Cleaning your brushes is a crucial step towards clean, healthy skin. When we apply our makeup with brushes, the oils from the face get between the bristles and can generate bacteria growth and germs. Keeping your brushes clean (especially your foundation brush!) will reduce your chances of breakouts.

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